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Summer Games - all photo taken by Molly Doyle - Kincardine News

Megan Green
sprints toward the finsh line

Emma and Maddy Sanderson
struggle to stay together as they head towards the finish line
Sasha and Rhea Mildenberger
try to get to the finish line of the three legged race
Holly Johnson
trying to catch their partner's water balloon
Elaine Carr
trying to catch their partner's water balloon
Alexa Knautz
trying to catch their partner's water balloon
Garrett Stevens
runs to finish the race in first place

Sand Castle and Sculpture

events-scast2009-01 events-scast2009-02 events-scast2009-03 events-scast2009-04 events-scast2009-05

Inverhuron Run celebrates 25 years

From Kincardine News
Wednesday September 16, 2009
Fun, fellowship and fitness was the goal of this year's 25th annual Inverhuron Run.
A total of 99 runners participated in the Sept. 6 event, which welcomed beautiful, sunny weather.
Route 1 was 2.11 miles with 62 runners.
The winner was Ian Stewart of Inverhuron/Burlington, with a time of 14:15.
Coming in a close second was Kristen Green of Inverhuron/Saline, Michigan, at 14:28.
She was once again the fastest female at the ripe old age of 14 years old and she ran the race with a broken right arm.
Route 2 saw 37 runners with Dana Nickles of Sarnia, coming in first place with a time of 37:34.
The fastest female was Janet Thorsteinson of Inverhuron/Whitby at 46:27, in seventh place overall.
Donna Irvine and Alicia Noakes of the Inverhuron and District Ratepayers Association (IDRA) served a big cake to commemorate the 25th running.
Jean Ferguson, age 75, of Inverhuron/Walkerton was once again the "recording artist".
For each of the 25 runs between years 1985-2009, she has recorded the race times on the results board as we call them out over the PA system.
Steve Hasbury, of Armow, provided the PA system.
Stacey Jewett was the "Pace Bunny", riding on a bike ahead of the pack and leading the runners through the common section of the two routes - along the shoreline trail from the beach parking lot to Holmes Bay.
Staff from the Park (Shannon, Megan, and Elaine) assisted with planning and traffic.
Several volunteers among them -
The Kole Family,
Ryan Stewart,
Betty Lamont, Don McLaughlin,
David Howes
served as spotters to keep everyone on the correct race route.
As they have done for several years, Tony Lancia and Patsy Jewett pulled the sticker off of each participant's racing bib, and posted them in correct sequence on the results board - a very rushed and demanding job!

2009 Road Race - all photo taken by Donna Irvine - IDRA


For 25 years, Dave Jewett has been organizing the Inverhuron Run
During this year's event, he was honoured for his dedication with a trophy.


The runners in the 2009 run


Dave Jewett and his daughter
after presented with trophy


Two cakes served to runners and volunteers
from Inverhuron and District Ratepayers
to commemorate thier 25th


Christine Feaver with grandchildren
Clara Perry 3 months old and Lily Perry 3 years old
after her run with them

2009 CORN ROAST Photo by the Kincardine News

events-corn roast2009-01
Gordon Barr , Phil Herbert and Peter Aunger manned the barbecues

events-corn roast2009-02

Dorothy Splegelberg of Exeter enjoyed the corn roast with Matthew and Terri Aunger of London

Photo by the Kincardine Times

events-corn roast2009-04
Joe Thorsteinson, 10, of Whitby, a cottager at Inverhuron, chows down on a cob of corn

events-corn roast2009-05

Barry Margison (C) of London, a member of the Inverhuron and District Ratepayers' Association, is joined by Greg Margison (R) and Jennifer Thorpe, providing entertainment at the Inverhuron corn roast Saturday night
events-corn roast2009-06
Tim Pletsch of Chatham, a cottager at Inverhuron, enjoys some corn on the cob

events-corn roast2009-07

Lynn Clayton (L) and Charlene Randall Clayton present the grand prize of a new barbecue to Gordon Barr, president of the Inverhuron and District Ratepayers' Association

From Kincardine Times
The final holiday weekend of the summer brought beautiful sunny weather for the annual Inverhuron corn roast Saturday night.
Hosted by the Inverhuron and District Ratepayers' Association, the event featured hot dogs and corn on the cob, as well as a variety of draw prizes, including the grand prize of a new barbecue, sponsored by Charlene Randall Clayton and Lynn Clayton of Coldwell Banker, The Property Shoppe Real Estate Brokerage.
This completes the summer for many.

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